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Alke for Montana Attorney General 2024


Montanans have a long history of standing up for what is right. We respect and follow the law. We value our freedom and understand its importance. We treat each other as individuals and with respect, work hard to earn honest livings, take care of our families, and use common sense. Those are the things that matter.

The Attorney General plays a special role protecting Montanans and our way of life. The Attorney General must impartially enforce the law, administer the Montana Highway Patrol, and support local prosecutors and law enforcement officers. There is no room for political considerations in those endeavors. Decisions made by the Attorney General must be based on the facts and the law – and nothing else. 

Montanans rely on the Attorney General to uphold the Montana Constitution and defend our freedom. Our constitutional rights protect us from Government overreach by establishing the limits of the Government’s power. The Government cannot tell us how to live our lives or invade our privacy. The Montana Department of Justice is not a weapon to be used for political purposes or to undermine our court system.

Freedom is what makes Montana and the United States of America and Montana great. This country still stands for freedom around the world. We lead by example by adhering to certain fundamental principles, like political power is derived from the people, all government originates with the people and exists solely for the good of the whole, and that all persons are born free and have certain inalienable rights.

I am running to be the next Attorney General to protect those principles. I will put the safety, security and freedom of Montanans first in accordance with the law. My priority is to represent the interests of all Montanans, not to advance my own personal interests or political agenda.

The 2024 election provides Montanans with another opportunity to stand up for what is right. We can decide that the ideals of truth, freedom, and justice are more important than the labels we attach to one another.  We can come together and reject those that try to force us apart.  We can move forward together, protect the things that are sacred to democracy, and work to give our children better opportunities than the ones we enjoyed.


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Ben Alke is a husband and father of four great kids. He is also a son of Montana, having grown
up in Helena with his mother, father, and brother, closely surrounded by grandparents and
extended family. Ben’s family goes back at least four generations in Montana. As a local, avid
outdoorsman and adventurer, Ben cherishes the value of the land and is committed to ensuring
Montana remains Montana for future generations.

Ben is a 1997 graduate from Capital High School in Helena. He then went to the University of
Notre Dame and earned a degree in finance and business economics. After college, he
attended law school at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law in Chicago.

Ben’s professional career is focused on practicing law in Montana. He is a litigator who has
represented individuals and businesses, non-profits and police officers. He has litigated and
won cases involving the constitutionality of Montana laws. His work has included fighting to re-
open public roads to maintain access to public lands, representing individuals to protect their
constitutional rights, representing business in complex disputes, and representing individuals
against powerful corporate interests.

Ben’s career is dedicated to the state of Montana and its people. That is why he is running for
political office for the first time, to serve as the next Attorney General for the State of Montana.
Ben believes strongly in the independence of the court system and that there is no room for
politics in the Montana Department of Justice.

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